Review of White Lotus (2021)


I am joined by Rob Henderson to talk about the HBO show "White Lotus" (2021). We discuss the show's treatment of race, sex, class, generational differences, wokeness, and much more.

Up until this point I have paywalled these discussions while putting them on YouTube for free, but I doubt anyone is actually subscribing to the Substack just for our TV and movies stuff, so I’m thinking I’m just going to make them all free from now on.

The subscription thing will now be completely voluntary, though I would like to provide something for subscribers. I’m thinking of having an hour or so on Zoom, and just letting people pop in and talk to me about whatever. I don’t know if there’s any actual demand for this, so let me know by replying to this e-mail or leaving a comment if you’re interested.

Here’s Andrew Sullivan’s review of the show, referenced in the discussion.