Plus "Meet the Randos" Casting Call
On the morality, politics, and sociology of the Breaking Bad universe
The Breaking Bad UniverseListen now (94 min) | Chris Nicholson joins Richard Hanania for a new weekly series discussing Better Call Saul. In their first episode, they talk about…
In praise of social media as a force for egalitarian debate
Thoughts on Elon Musk Buying Twitter, and the Simple Case for Rich Guys as the Answer to Neurotic Bureaucratic Tyranny
A conversation with Philippe Lemoine on the French election, low information voters, why Zemmour failed, and the "Le Pen curse."
The first Texas Dream Series event at the University of Texas, Austin is scheduled for next week. Philippe Lemoine will be talking about The Poverty of…
Ask Me Anything 1, 4/14/22Listen now (59 min) | In my first AMA, I discuss my views on international institutions, the Russia-Ukraine war, and what a lasting European security…
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