Links and Best of Twitter, 10/27/23

December 2022

Links and Best of Twitter, 12/30/22 (Unpaywalled)
My new article on think tanks, Kari Lake is a weirdo, important fertility report, and the latest on Ukraine
WEIRD morality in antiquity, resuscitating dead pigs, rich pro-natalists, and more

November 2022

Why Ukrainian aid will go on forever
RIP Kirill Stremousov, the start of the Trump-DeSantis war, Fetterman as a future presidential candidate, No Nut November, and more
Russian culture war, genius in post-revolutionary France, dysgenics, and more

October 2022

ReAwaken America, the fallibility of memory, Kim Il Sung's black daughter, and more
In case you missed it, I talked to Chris Nicholson this week about whether and how China could conquer Taiwan. It’s paywalled for a week, at which point…
First of all, I’d like everyone to know that Rob Henderson and I are going to do some podcasts on the new Jeffrey Dahmer miniseries from Netflix. It’s…
I had a fascinating conversation this week with Chris Nicholson on the war in Ukraine. Our discussion took place Monday, and I think everything that’s…

September 2022

1. The godwit is a bird that makes a 7,000 mile journey from Alaska to Australia or New Zealand without stopping. The trip “lasts from eight to 10 days…