Capitol Hill Craziness

I have two new podcasts on the Capitol Hill craziness.

First is the inaugural CSPI podcast with George Hawley. Click the link here, and you can open in Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts by clicking on the icon on the page. Also available in the App Store, etc. Make sure to subscribe, and please give us 5 stars if you can. I’ve heard other podcast hosts say it’s important to do that because it helps with the search results, and so maybe it’s true.

I also talked to Razib Khan on the Unsupervised Learning podcast. Here’s Razib’s writeup of our conversation, along with links to the audio (click on “Listen in the podcast app” under the main recording). He talks about our interesting Jon Ossoff discovery. You should be following Razib if you’re not.

To me, people are underestimating the most likely outcome of all this, which is that Trump is purged from public life, and then he and his movement stop being important. It always sounds more sophisticated to say things have deep structural causes and individuals don’t matter all that much, but I take the view that all kinds of tendencies exist within the population, and it matters a lot which buttons leaders push to mobilize their followers.